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Matteo Capone born in Rome in 1997. In 2017 he started a degree in Photography at the 'Istituto Europeo di Design (IED)' in Rome, where he graduated with honors in september 2020.

He is a contemporary photographer interested in the research and the visual narration of current issues as environment protection and pollution. Matteo uses landscape, documentary and abstract photography as personal artistic expression and visual language. 

A selection of his main recognition includes: three online exhibitions respectively curated by Art Doc Magazine, Open Eye Magazine and In Conversation With; finalist of the BUP Book Award; special mention of the Urbanautica Institute Award; portfolio's publication (SIN) on Perimetro.


His first exhibition has now been inaugurated at the Forum Austriaco di Cultura in Rome, thanks to the victory of an international competition on climate change.


2021: SIN, Environmental Alterations - curated by Loosen Art in MillePiani, Rome (coming soon). 

2021: SIN, On Climate Change - curated by Forum Austriaco di Cultura, Rome (ongoing until 30/07/2021).





Online Exhibitions


2021: Stand-by Night, Empty Streets - curated by Art Doc Magazine.


2020: Self-Portraits, Confinement, dans l'attente de la renaissance - curated by Open Eye Magazine.


2020: SIN, Hidden Histories - curated by In Conversation With.






2021: SIN, Finalist, BUP Book Award.

2021: SIN, Special Mention in Nature, Environment and Perspectives, Urbanautica Institute Awards 2020.

Magazines / Platforms


2021: SIN, Portfolio Publication, Mediterraneo Mag.


2021: SIN, Portfolio PublicationPerimetro.

2021: SIN, Call Winner, The Best Selected Book.


2021: SIN, Publication, In Fìeri.


2021: SIN, Publication, Still Young.


2021: SIN, Publication, Origine Magazine.


2021: SIN, Publication, Artwort.


2021: SIN, Publication, Ombra Magazine.


2021: SIN, Issue 01, Black River.


2020: SIN, Honorable Mention in Annus Horribilis - curated by Float Photo Magazine.


2020: SIN, Publication, The Pupil Sphere.


2020: SIN, Publication, Conceptual Projects.


2020: SIN, Publication, Panorama.


2020: SIN, Publication, Landscape Stories Magazine.


2020: SIN, Publication, Korper Magazine.


2020: SIN, Publication, Art Doc Magazine.


2020: SIN, Publication, Phroom Magazine.

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