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Matteo Capone was born in Rome in 1997. 


In 2017 he began his degree in Photography at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Rome, where he graduated with honors in September 2020. In 2021 he was selected for one year of Fellowship by the ParalleloZero agency and now he's attending the Contemporary Photojournalism Master at Officine Fotografiche (Rome). 


He is a contemporary photographer interested in the research and visual narration of current issues who uses landscape, documentary and abstract photography as his personal artistic expression and visual language.

A selection of his main recognition includes: six collective exhibitions; five online exhibitions; honorable mention of the Int'l Photography Awards; finalist of the BUP Book Award; special mention of the Urbanautica Institute Award; portfolio's publication on Perimetro, Phroom Magazine, Landscape Stories Magazine and others.



Personality: Contemporary Portraiture - curated by PH21 Gallery, Budapest (10/03 - 02/04)

Ways of Living, Climate Project - curated by Then There Was Us in Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool (being defined)

New Talents - curated by Photographic Exploration Project (PEP) in Kommunale Galerie, Berlin (30/01 - 27/03)



You/th - curated by Kobo Studio, Rome

Tales of Unwritten - curated by Trieste Photo Days, Trieste

Rilegno, Fotografia a sostegno del pianeta - curated by Alessandro Curti in Sifest, Savignano sul Rubicone

Environmental Alterations - curated by Loosen Art in MillePiani, Rome

On Climate Change - curated by Forum Austriaco di Cultura, Rome



Online Exhibitions



Favorite Photograph Exhibition 2021 - curated by Lenscratch


Landscape 2021 - curated by F Stop Magazine


Four Degrees: Eco-Anxiety and Climate Change - curated by Strange Fire Collective & Humble Arts Foundation

Empty Streets - curated by Art Doc Magazine




Confinement, dans l'attente de la renaissance - curated by Open Eye Magazine

Hidden Histories - curated by In Conversation With








Honorable Mention in One Shot - Our Times: Isolation, Int'l Photography Awards


Finalist, BUP Book Award

Special Mention in Nature, Environment and Perspectives, Urbanautica Institute Awards 2020

Magazines / Platforms



Zero Nine Magazine


Rilegno - Black Camera - Rolling Stone


Fotografia dell'architettura


Witness Journal


Mediterraneo Mag



The Best Selected Book


In Fìeri


Still Young


Origine Magazine




Ombra Magazine


Issue 01, Black River




Honorable Mention in Annus Horribilis, Float Photo Magazine


The Pupil Sphere


Conceptual Projects




Landscape Stories Magazine


Korper Magazine


Art Doc Magazine


Phroom Magazine

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